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Economic impact

No. Unfortunately, in Panama, medical insurance does not cover fertility treatments.
We believe in simple and transparent prices. Our Baby Contigo ™ programs include everything you need (except medications as these vary according to the patient, so that you realize your dream of being a mother.

Because there are multiple treatment options and protocols, we have a team of financial advisors who will help you understand the costs and payment methods. We are the first center in Panama and the region that offers financing for fertility treatments and modalities of up to 100% of your investment reimbursement in case of not having your baby at home.

Panama Fertility has different financing methods. We are proud to be pioneers in funding for fertility procedures in Panama, Central America and the Caribbean. This allows our patients to defer payments to multiple months.

The money refund works with certain Baby With You Programs. There are different reimbursement options in case you do not achieve your baby at home, some of them include up to 100% refund.