It draws my attention that currently, many studies and surveys have demonstrated that cancer is affecting many women and men in their reproductive years. The great majority, upon hearing about this diagnosis, are mostly worried about the efficiency of the treatment and starting it as soon as possible. However, the issue of fertility is usually not a worry.

However, what patients don´t know and most of doctors don´t mention, is the fact that chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, besides saving lives, can affect fertility and in many cases, cause infertility.

Personally, I am surprised that fertility is not a topic of discussion upon a cancer diagnosis and what I am mostly worried about is that oncologists don’t tend to discuss the effects that this treatment has on the reproductive system.

Nevertheless, in different parts of the world it is becoming more common to become more conscientious about this topic. For example, in New York, a conversation about fertility preservation in men and women is standard upon initiating cancer treatment. In Panama, however, it is not the standard and is not commonly seen. I would like to change this by implementing a Free Urgent Appointment, designed to avoid interruptions and not delay cancer treatment.

It is important to mention that currently and thanks to the advances of technology, Oncofertility is gaining momentum and its main objective is to offer cancer patients the chance to preserve their fertility.

Oncofertility is the discipline which develops and promotes new options of fertility preservations in men, women and children who are receiving cancer treatments that jeopardize their reproductive future.

As health professionals, we worry deeply about this factor and want to encourage oncologists to consider fertility and inform women and men diagnosed in fertile age that there is a way to preserve their reproductive future so they can make a decision and count with a plan that in the future, will allow them to be parents.

We would also like to invite everyone that has been diagnosed with cancer to know your options regarding fertility.

At Panama Fertility, we want to provide you an alternative for the future, by cryopreservation of eggs and sperm through our Preserve Program.