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Impact on Lifestyle

This is a very common question for which you will find many different answers.

At Panama Fertility, we recommend a healthy and balanced diet with adequate hydration. We ask our patients to limit the intake of foods with gluten and dairy since it has been proven that these have a significant immunological effect, which can translate into less success.

We recommend Prenatal Vitamins that contain Folic Acid and DHA; In addition, the administration of Vitamin D and Calcium is recommended. Apart from this and according to each individual case it is possible that certain additional supplements should be recommended.

It is acceptable to consume moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages (up to 1 glass of wine per day) until a few days before the transfer or aspiration. This is a good opportunity to try to be as healthy as possible.

Several scientific studies indicate that moderate consumption of coffee or tea with caffeine (1 cup per day) has no negative impact on fertility; however, large amounts of caffeine (more than 3 cups of coffee / tea per day) may increase the risk of pregnancy losses.

Do not! Apart from the number of health problems in general, the fact of smoking is closely associated not only with pregnancy losses but also with problems during pregnancy and early menopause, among others.

Yes, the use of condoms is recommended during the stimulation phase since there are several ovules growing simultaneously and there is a small possibility of multiple pregnancy, in case of becoming pregnant naturally. One week after the extraction, it is possible that some pelvic discomforts occur, so we recommend not having sex until the discomfort disappears.

Yes! Physical activity is recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle. Moderate intensity exercise is recommended until the sixth day of ovarian stimulation, after which it is best to decrease the intensity of physical activity focusing on low impact activities such as yoga, cycling or simply walking.

After the extraction of the oocytes or the embryo transfer, we recommend suspending physical activity for 1 week.

One of the keys to success in fertility treatments is the emotional well-being of the patient. Many women report positive effects on stress levels after acupuncture or massage sessions.

If you decide to perform acupuncture or use oriental remedies, it is advisable to avoid the use of herbal remedies or stop them once we start ovarian stimulation since some may interact negatively with the drugs administered during the stimulation.

During stimulation there should be no problem but it is best to limit it since the effects of elevated temperature during ovarian stimulation are not well defined. Once an embryo transfer has been made, the use of a jacuzzi should be avoided.

There should not be any type of problem traveling however it is necessary to keep in mind that you should go to our clinic regularly for all follicular monitoring visits. For exceptional cases we have a network of international centers with which we work in order to coordinate the care of our patients in other countries. In these centers the monitoring of the stimulation can be carried out and these results are sent to Panama Fertility for analysis.

You know the dynamics of your work better than anyone, however it is necessary to consider that some flexibility will be necessary to attend the follicular monitoring visits, however you are not obliged to inform the specific procedure that is being carried out. At Panama Fertility, we know that infertility causes stress, therefore, we have flexible hours of service to better adapt to you.

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